Pattern of the Week: The Flower Power Valance

I cleared off my desk and finally decided to sit there with my laptop for activities such as writing this post. My mom creepily informed me that she was looking through the space on the side of my blinds and could see my laptop from outside one day. Why she was looking through my window, I can’t say. Whatever, I decided I wanted some protection before I sit over there again.

So I googled for crochet curtain patterns, free patterns of course. I wasn’t looking for flowers because I think my room looks like a kid’s playpen already but I really liked the one I found–the Flower Power Valance by Robin Sanchez.


My valance is worked in taupe and white by Bernat Baby Sport using a Boye H 5mm hook. I extended it two rows (three motifs on each side) by repeating the last two rows and I think it adds a too fancy touch to my small room. There’s a tutorial that I didn’t watch, which is probably why I had to spend time figuring out the half flower motif and wrongly assembled it the motifs at first? My bad? I used push pins to get the valance up there since I don’t have curtain rods. I love the colors displayed on Robin’s blog in her valance and I have a lot of bright yarns but I decided to use softer colors so I didn’t hurt my eyes or wonder whose house I was in every time I come in my room or wake up and look at the window everyday. I might add this curtain/valance by Dearest Debi underneath underneath it for extra protection that still allows light through.

This free pattern for the Flower Power Valance can be found on Robin Sanchez’s blog, Once Upon a Pink Moon. A little fancy for my little room but I feel peepers (I’m lookin’ at you, mom) being repelled by the power of my flowery valance already. Thanks, Robin!


ALLLL the hooks

Maybe needles and hooks are just tools for you to completely your projects. Personally, the style of crochet hook I use can influence my mood as I work and also create different effects depending on the manufacturer and what the hook is made of.

I love wooden hooks and the look and colors of acrylic hooks but I’m always afraid of breaking them. My crafty friend recently sent me links to a set of Knit Pick’s Caspian wood crochet hooks, which I really want to buy. I love these wand-style ebony hooks on Amazon, too, and these Symfonie rose hooks by Knitter’s Pride (questioning the manufacturer name since I crochet mostly).

If only I could afford alllll the things, I’d buy all the yarn I ever wanted and all the crochet hooks to work them with.