Pattern of the Week: Crochet Newborn Baby Booties by Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

img_20160613_2233494_rewindMy mom specifically wanted newborn baby booties for a coworker, which aren’t as easy to come by as I thought. After looking around a little, I would say most baby bootie crochet patterns are not for newborns unless you intentionally make them smaller…

I finally found this Crochet Newborn Baby Booties from  the same crafty I learned corner-to-corner crochet from and whose blog I’ve visited before, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me.

I used Red Heart in petal pink and I can’t remember what hook I used but I’m sure it was smaller than an H, which is what the pattern calls for. Added the ribbons and I was done! Fairly quick and fairly easy.

This free pattern for Crochet Newborn Baby Booties can be found on Sarah’s blog, Repeat Crafter Me. Thanks, Sarah! This is exactly what I needed.



For the sake of updating and Autumn Leaves Afghan

Dear me, I’ve been doing a poor job of updating recently, mostly because I’ve been working on so many projects. And as for my poorly trafficked Etsy store, I never get seasonal stuff done to sell before the season arrives T__T.  Hopefully, I can post about one of my latest finished projects soon.

Today I’m working on the final set of motifs for my Autumn Leaves Afghan, a pattern from Caron.

Stacks, my Autumn Leaves Afghan pieces to be assembled

Stacks, my Autumn Leaves Afghan pieces to be assembled

Instead of using four colors, I used 7, including the main color. I also used a size smaller hook (H instead of J) to avoid spacey stitches and Red Heart yarn in buff (main color), redwood (new color, I like it, very autumn), dark orchid, cafe latte, gold, paddy green, and pumpkin.  I wanted it to be more red but still colorful by decided representing each color evenly was better so there are two leaves of each color. Red Heart in paddy green is very coarse and thick and I had an older skein of it that I had to split the ply and modify the square motif for; when I brought a new one skein because I ran out of the thicker, coarser one I had and worked the stitches with a tighter tension, the squares came out about the right size compared to the others.

I’m almost done, one more gold set, then I can assemble the afghan. I thought about giving it a border using every color but I’m not sure I have enough of each color yarn left to do that.