The Challenger Pinafore

I always used to scoff at schools that have symbolic objects to represent their school…until I worked at one.

So the school where I work is home of the Challengers. We have a space theme and our mascot is a rocket. When I’m at work, I have to carry a walkie talkie radio and sometimes the pants I wear don’t have pockets to clip it on. So I looked for an apron pattern I could crochet and put a Challenger theme on.

My friend challenged me to call it something other than an “apron” so I called it The Challenger Pinafore. Which is still off because I usually wear it like a purse, tied over my shoulder instead of an apron/pinafore.



I modified this pattern from the Granny’s Market Apron by Sara. The original and free pattern can be found on her blog, TangledHappy. com. If you’d like to express interest in my version of this pattern, please post in the comments section below. Unlike the original pattern, my patterns requires fabric and sewing, also cross stitch if you want to create name tag for your apron. This is the link to the rocket you see on my apron, the Pocket Rocket Badge by Emma Varnam. There aren’t very many rocket applique patterns out there but I modified this one to suit my needs.

The Principal of my school even ordered one from me! ^_^ That was flattering, she even wrote a thank you card and everything. As you can see, I made the back of hers blue instead of black. I also used Red Heart in blue instead of blue suede so its lighter than mine. The school chef suggested I make on in red and white and I think I will for second semester!