About Miss Stitch & That Crafty Life

Hi, Shannon here.

I  AM A Crafty.

Magic is in making something for someone with your own two hands. People tell me all the time, “Knowing someone made this by hand just means more to me”.

I am self-taught and I’ve been building my crochet and general crafting skills for fifteen years. With my lively imagination, I love making things from hooking crochet to weaving stories in my fantastical novels.

The Ever Clever Miss Stitch started in 2012 when a woman at the store saw me wearing a beanie I’d crocheted. I told her I would make her one for free if she liked it that much but she insisted on paying me, told me to name my price, and gave me her contact information. My mom knitted me a bag with my name on it in puff paint when I was little and I was interested in how she did it but my love for crafting began when I was taught how to sew first by my grandma and then my aunt, then I taught myself to crochet in middle school, making simple things like blankets and bags.

TECMS was first House of Queens and then Realm of the Heart and I was crocheting stuffed animals, bags, scarves, and hats as gifts and also sold items through word of mouth. From there, my curiosity as textile artist/crafter (I call myself a “crafty”) and I’ve started expanding my craft knowledge and abilities into cross stitch/embroidery, polymer clay, books, macrame, knitting, jewelry making, etc.

“The Ever Clever Miss Stitch” is actually a fantasy fiction novel I am writing about a girl named Stitch who can breathe life into whatever she crochets and sews.




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