Crafty Spirit

Things have been pretty difficult for me recently. So I haven’t had a lot of time to do crafty stuff. 

I lost a loved one. I also had to resign from my job where I crocheted and knitted over 100 handmade. Continuing to work as literacy mentor to first graders, I crocheted unicorns for the girls and bears (the school mascot) for the boys. I wasn’t able to finish all of them but managed to give this bear to one of the boys who was going to a different school.

Falling short of my crafty expectations for myself and not being able to give these gifts to my students was hard. But I’ve had to take some time to take care of myself. Hopefully my enthusiasm for handmade will return soon and I can embrace it with open arms.

–The Ever Clever Miss Stitch


The Challenger Pinafore

I always used to scoff at schools that have symbolic objects to represent their school…until I worked at one.

So the school where I work is home of the Challengers. We have a space theme and our mascot is a rocket. When I’m at work, I have to carry a walkie talkie radio and sometimes the pants I wear don’t have pockets to clip it on. So I looked for an apron pattern I could crochet and put a Challenger theme on.

My friend challenged me to call it something other than an “apron” so I called it The Challenger Pinafore. Which is still off because I usually wear it like a purse, tied over my shoulder instead of an apron/pinafore.



I modified this pattern from the Granny’s Market Apron by Sara. The original and free pattern can be found on her blog, TangledHappy. com. If you’d like to express interest in my version of this pattern, please post in the comments section below. Unlike the original pattern, my patterns requires fabric and sewing, also cross stitch if you want to create name tag for your apron. This is the link to the rocket you see on my apron, the Pocket Rocket Badge by Emma Varnam. There aren’t very many rocket applique patterns out there but I modified this one to suit my needs.

The Principal of my school even ordered one from me! ^_^ That was flattering, she even wrote a thank you card and everything. As you can see, I made the back of hers blue instead of black. I also used Red Heart in blue instead of blue suede so its lighter than mine. The school chef suggested I make on in red and white and I think I will for second semester!


October 7th–One Small Step, One Big Leap

TECMS Logo 10.4

I will be a vendor at a local craft fair here in Fresno. Basically, I’m offering everything I currently have in my Etsy store and whatever I can finish before the date.

So I’m nervous. I’ve never tabled before or been able to call myself as a “vendor”, so this will be a learning experience for me.  Part of me wants to stay under a rock. The other part gingerly accepts that exposure is important and people should know what I do as a crafty and a writer.

I’ve been focused on a potential new career path and haven’t been able to finish new items for my store or indulge my craft work. I also don’t have a ton of friends, connections, or family to promote me so I’ve felt invisible this whole time. Even with the steps I’ve taken to promote myself–creating social media accounts like this blog and Instagram, trying to stay on top of posting regularly, and keeping an eye out for other crafty who also do what I do and connect with them–it is exhausting and nothing ever seems like enough.

Loving what I do is important to me and I wonder if “business” is really for me. Never viewed myself as much of a businessperson. I am an artist and I try to stay passionately true to that.

But I promised myself The Ever Clever Miss Stitch would be a vendor at this event, that I would try it. So I will. This is a good opportunity to do so, even if its just for the experience.

In the grand scheme of things, this effort is probably be very small. But to me, it is a huge leap.



Seeds & Flowers Scarf

My seeds and flowers scarf knitted in seed stitch. The puff flowers are crochet. ^_^

My seeds and flowers scarf knitted in seed stitch. The puff flowers are crochet. ^_^

Even though I’ve made my peace with knitting, I don’t have the proper tools, inspiration,  or the knowledge to make anything other than a scarf.

Sooo I made a scarf.

Yarn: Woolspun by Lion Brand, in Tomato (at least 3 and 1/2 skeins)

Needles: Crystal Palace (size 11)

Stitch: seed stitch

Notions: Puffy Daisy (crochet) by Cecile Balladino @ Eclectic Gipsyland (Which I also wrote about here in Pattern of the Week)

I cast on at least 20 or so stitches though I do think its a little wide. I also made double the puffy flowers do the scarf is double-sided on my ends. I had to order more yarn because the only skein of Woolspun I had was gift from a friend. I had planned to make the scarf really, really long but later thought it might be cumbersome to wear and besides the yarn worked in a seed stitch is fairly stretchy.

I made learning the seed stitch really, really hard when in fact its not hard at all. I kept getting ribbing instead of a seed stitch because I kept second-guessing what to do after I worked a row instead of just continuing to knit one then purl one. As I worked, I started to see the difference between the way knits and purls look and it became easier for me realize when I’d made a mistake and where. At times it was frustrating, there was a lot of unraveling and having to pick my stitches up again (at least a dozen times). I learned that I prefer to cast off with a crochet hook and I even learned how to pick up dropped stitches during this project.

Unfortunately, at the time I wrote this, it was getting reaallly hot in California and every time I looked at the scarf, I got a little mad. Seeing red, I guess. Its very soft and cute though.

Making Peace With Knitting


Crystal Palace (bamboo, size 11), my favorites!

I always thought knitting looked cool. But not only does it require two needles as opposed to one hook, its more tedious to me than crochet because it seems to require more tools/accessories, more counting, and more attention to detail and stitches. And changing color looks more difficult. Furthermore, I never bothered to perfect my skills because I thought knitting was only good for scarves, bumpy-looking hats, socks, and, of course, the quintessential ugly sweater. Crochet was (and is) more versatile, in my opinion.

I bought more knitting needles in college and I sometimes practiced basic stitches by making scarves (that I never finished). However, after spending so much time learning crochet and its terms and ins and outs, it was hard for me to give knitting the time it deserved because it looked infinitely more difficult.

Knitting and crochet are two different things. Don’t compare them.

Or something like that, my crafty friend said to me once.

So I am here to say now that I like knitting and have taken the time necessary to learn more about it. After MUCH trial and error, my favorite stitch is the seed stitch. In trying to figure out my knitting style, I think its safe to say I’m a continental knitter. Flicking the yarn really strains my index finger though -__-. The style I’m interested in is is Scottish knitting, that looks dangerous and convenient!

Its so great to learn/relearn and practice a new craft then obsessively try to perfect it. I literally spent hours and days making my newfound peace with knitting. I’m glad for it.


My seeds and flowers scarf knitted in seed stitch.  The puff flowers are crochet. ^_^

My seeds and flowers scarf knitted in seed stitch. The puff flowers are crochet. ^_^

ALLLL the hooks

Maybe needles and hooks are just tools for you to completely your projects. Personally, the style of crochet hook I use can influence my mood as I work and also create different effects depending on the manufacturer and what the hook is made of.

I love wooden hooks and the look and colors of acrylic hooks but I’m always afraid of breaking them. My crafty friend recently sent me links to a set of Knit Pick’s Caspian wood crochet hooks, which I really want to buy. I love these wand-style ebony hooks on Amazon, too, and these Symfonie rose hooks by Knitter’s Pride (questioning the manufacturer name since I crochet mostly).

If only I could afford alllll the things, I’d buy all the yarn I ever wanted and all the crochet hooks to work them with.

The Ever Clever Miss Stitch’s New Blog

Feel Free to Visit My Etsy Store

Feel Free to Visit My Etsy Store (Previously Realm of the Heart)

I thought of making a new blog for a long time but am still trying to cut down on how many blogs I have.

I have a crafty blog on tumblr but I don’t want to use it anymore. I have also had a blog on WP for craftiness before but deleted it. New camera, new understanding of the importance of lighting, new concept of just how dark it is in my apartment–NEW BLOG. And, besides, so much of the tumblr community is such a bother. Additionally, most of my other blogs are on WordPress anyway.

This is personal blog for archiving my experiences and projects as a creative person and textile artist, otherwise known as a crafty. I hope other people find something useful or unique here.