Who Names These Yarns?? -__-

Bernat Softee Chunky in a questionable ‘kimono’

My fellow crafty ordered this yarn and expected it to be more red because the color sample image she saw online wasn’t true to the yarn’s actual colors. But as it turns out this Bernat Softee Chunky in “kimono” actually mirrors a koi pond. It does not make me think of a kimono, which as a concept would be hard to capture because a kimono can come in just about any colors. Though kimonos can have koi print theme, this ombre yarn in no way summons the general thought of a kimono, which is why me and my friend think its strange, misnamed, and potentially appropriative. Which is what happens when brands make lose references to somebody else’s culture, in this instance Japanese culture. The colors of the yarn bring to mind many images of teal, green, aquamarine plant life and waters. The white, orange sometimes pinkish, and red colors a koi fish’s scales.

Names Bernat Could’ve Called This Yarn (by me and Shanay):

  • Koi
  • Ocean Sunset
  • Lily Pond Sunrise
  • Random Reference to Japanese Culture



Bernat, WHY???

Cotton-ish by Bernat

Cotton-ish by Bernat


“Cotton Club”, black yarn from Bernat in JoAnn

Who at Bernat thought this was a good idea?

This is a skein of “Cotton-ish” yarn from Bernat that I saw in JoAnn while looking for something else. It is a black skein of yarn labeled “Cotton Club”.

All I think of when I see this is a couple of confederate flag-waving white women sitting around chuckling to themselves while knitting socks.

It’s not like the Cotton Club was a good thing for Black people and it can’t be a coincidence that a skein of black yarn by Bernat is labeled “cotton club”.

People, please learn your history (and from the perspective that matters).