Pattern of Week: Puffy Daisy by Cecile Balladino

IMG_20160430_1914116_rewindThese are the crochet puffy flowers from my knitted scarf, which I sewed on using a yarn needle. The Puffy Daisy pattern, thanks to Cecile Balladino over at her crafty blog Eclectic Gipsyland.

After a lot of trial and error, I used three different hooks in the end: Boye P, K, and N hooks for small, medium, and large flowers respectively. The yarn is Red Heart in cherry red and gold.

I tried to make puffy flowers bigger by using bigger hooks and using half double crochet stitches in the first round because I don’t have much bulky yarn at all. That method DEFINITELY doesn’t always work to make things bigger (just looser and not as neat-looking), sometimes you need weightier yarn and that’s all there is to it. I wanted huge puffy flowers sewn to the edge of the scarf and I wanted them in those colors. I settled for this minimalistic motif. I also added more pattern repeats to the petal to make them thicker.

This post is in French and English. It was exciting and though I did try to read the French anyway, I was intimidated because I’m trying to teach myself French using the Duolingo app ^_^;. In any event, please visit Cecile over at her blog, Eclectic Gipsyland, for the Puffy Daisy pattern and more. Thank you for sharing, Cecile!