Pattern of the Week: Springtime Coaster by Doni Speigle


Sorry about the shadow, not a lot of attractive locales to photograph my work in here. I think I plain gave up that day and took a “lazy” picture.

Half the time, the story always begins with my mom asking me to make something for somebody.


I had made a little pocketbook/purse for my mom’s co-worker but her the co-worker’s daughter liked it so much that she took it. So my mom asked me to make something cute for all the daughters, something “girly” and shaped like a flower. I keep telling my mom that if you want something to look nice, its going to take longer than five minutes to make–especially when you have to sew lining into it. But I so graciously met her unreasonable demands in spite of how time-consuming it was. 😉

Searching for large crochet flower motifs on Google, I discovered this crochet pattern for the Springtime Coaster by Doni Speigle on Ravelry and used it to created a small flower purse. I couldn’t find anything as simple as my mom was making it sound so I modified Doni’s flower coaster pattern to suit my needs. My mom has so far asked me to make eight of these for co-workers, friends, and church members, two of which I haven’t finished.

The purses in the picture are crocheted using Red Heart in pumpkin and bright yellow, light raspberry and petal pink, light blue and delft blue (I think it was delft blue although it may be a Caron Simply Soft yarn or something else), bright yellow and gold, cherry red and light raspberry. I experimented with different sized hooks from H to P to make the flower as big and uniform as possible. In the end I used a Boye  N 9.00mm hook for the coaster motifs and Boye H 5.00mm hook for everything else. After crocheting two flower coasters for each purse, I came up with a method for building the purse by crocheting the siding and strap. Then I sewed the lining inside, crocheted a short strap with a button hole on the center back motif, and sewed the button in the center front moti. Voila!

If anyone is interested, in the near future I will (attempt to) write a pattern for these cute little purses and share it, especially if it alright with Doni Speigle (since its a modification of their pattern).

This free pattern for Springtime Coasters can found on Doni Speigle’s Ravelry page. Thank you, Doni–I fulfilled a really tedious request and challenge with your help. I’ve never made coasters, pot holders, or things for the kitchen before but I’m glad I did something creative with it.

Because of the insane amount of time it took me to do these little purses, I’ve posted most of the pictures in this private post, including views of all the lining I had to sew in. (I didn’t want to have an endlessly scrolling post and I’d need to collage the pictures together to save space.)



This is the very first one I did