Crafty Winter Holiday Patterns (Free Ones!)

I came down with a sinus infection so I couldn’t finish all the winter holiday stuff I was making for the kids at school. However, I did make a list of all the awesome free patterns I came across!

Crochet Cane Hat


This pattern from Sarah at is exactly what I wanted in holiday hat. It comes in baby sizes, toddler/child, and teen/adult, I planned to do it in red/green, red/white, gold/white, and purple/white.

*Note: I finished three of these hats and all of them were too big for my kindergartners all the way to fifth grade kids even after I took out one of the increases and made it more like a beanie. The person who wrote the pattern admits that it isn’t tested and that she wants feedback; and there is some feedback in the comments section from crafters who tried the child and adult sizes and adjusted them through various methods. The pattern as is simply works too wide and deep so I’ll I have to do some more finagling to get the right size…


Mrs. Murdocks’s Mittens


Of course I want mittens to go with my hats and scarves! ^_^ (Still working on these. Have you made some yet?) Brought to us by Brenda Anderson over

Simple Striped Scarf

From Interweave

A scarf pattern from Interweave by Marcy that likely looked wonderful in red and white to get that classic candy cane look!

Holly and Mistletoe

From Little Treasures blog, Maya Kuzman

I thought this might make cute hair bands or shoe ties for boots. Not that we’re trying to attract kisses here! By Maya Kuzman Crochet and Crafts on her blog, Little Treasures.

Rudy the Reindeer Amigurumi

From Tales of Twisted Fibers

So adorable, brought to us for free by Serah at her blog, Tales of Twisted Fibers. I plan to make one for each of Santa’s reindeer.

San Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate


This is actually a pattern I picked for Valentine’s goodies for my kids at the school but it can easily be modified for a festive winter holiday theme.

I had to include more, for obvious reasons. So enjoy!

Christmas Lights



Pixie Elf Striped Hat

*Note: Newborn pattern size available for free but larger sizes must be purchased on Craftsy.


Crochet Santa Patterns |



Pattern of the Week: My Little Pony Pattern by Knit One Awe Some

A HUGE thanks to the crafty over at Knit One Awe Some for their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical pattern. I’m not sure if the creator is active anymore or not, but regardless I want to always, always give credit for this pattern. But unless I’m needled for not giving credit every time, it goes without saying whenever I make an MLP style pony, its likely made from this pattern.

Every pony I’ve ever done comes from Knit One Awe Some. I even designed my crochet sheep off a modified version of this pattern. People love them.

This is the first I crocheted a few years ago. My skills have improved since then as you can see in my most recent work above and below ^_^;

I typically use Red Heart yarn and Caron Simply Soft (sometimes for the mane and tail).

The hook I typically use is a Boye H hook. Sometimes the stitches gape a little or look too spacey and I don’t notice until after assembly so it might be wise to use a small hook depending on the consistency of the yarn.

Agonizing over the face and attaching limbs and eyes just right is always a thing for me. I don’t like cutting felt and I still haven’t learned to use or be comfortable with applying puff paint.

I wrote the pattern I use for the eye pieces myself and they are sewed on. I cut felt for appliques/decoration like stars and hearts and use hot glue to apply them, along with rhinestones. Or I crochet the appliques and sew them on.

I may have to do a tutorial to explain how I do the mane and tail; there are two methods for the tail and I pretty much do the mane the same way every time.

This free pattern for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical can be found over Knit One Awesome, a blog for free knitting and crochet patterns. This pattern really is pretty awesome.

These are more examples of my ponies, old and new.

Pattern of Week: Puffy Daisy by Cecile Balladino

IMG_20160430_1914116_rewindThese are the crochet puffy flowers from my knitted scarf, which I sewed on using a yarn needle. The Puffy Daisy pattern, thanks to Cecile Balladino over at her crafty blog Eclectic Gipsyland.

After a lot of trial and error, I used three different hooks in the end: Boye P, K, and N hooks for small, medium, and large flowers respectively. The yarn is Red Heart in cherry red and gold.

I tried to make puffy flowers bigger by using bigger hooks and using half double crochet stitches in the first round because I don’t have much bulky yarn at all. That method DEFINITELY doesn’t always work to make things bigger (just looser and not as neat-looking), sometimes you need weightier yarn and that’s all there is to it. I wanted huge puffy flowers sewn to the edge of the scarf and I wanted them in those colors. I settled for this minimalistic motif. I also added more pattern repeats to the petal to make them thicker.

This post is in French and English. It was exciting and though I did try to read the French anyway, I was intimidated because I’m trying to teach myself French using the Duolingo app ^_^;. In any event, please visit Cecile over at her blog, Eclectic Gipsyland, for the Puffy Daisy pattern and more. Thank you for sharing, Cecile!

Pattern of the Week: Springtime Coaster by Doni Speigle


Sorry about the shadow, not a lot of attractive locales to photograph my work in here. I think I plain gave up that day and took a “lazy” picture.

Half the time, the story always begins with my mom asking me to make something for somebody.


I had made a little pocketbook/purse for my mom’s co-worker but her the co-worker’s daughter liked it so much that she took it. So my mom asked me to make something cute for all the daughters, something “girly” and shaped like a flower. I keep telling my mom that if you want something to look nice, its going to take longer than five minutes to make–especially when you have to sew lining into it. But I so graciously met her unreasonable demands in spite of how time-consuming it was. 😉

Searching for large crochet flower motifs on Google, I discovered this crochet pattern for the Springtime Coaster by Doni Speigle on Ravelry and used it to created a small flower purse. I couldn’t find anything as simple as my mom was making it sound so I modified Doni’s flower coaster pattern to suit my needs. My mom has so far asked me to make eight of these for co-workers, friends, and church members, two of which I haven’t finished.

The purses in the picture are crocheted using Red Heart in pumpkin and bright yellow, light raspberry and petal pink, light blue and delft blue (I think it was delft blue although it may be a Caron Simply Soft yarn or something else), bright yellow and gold, cherry red and light raspberry. I experimented with different sized hooks from H to P to make the flower as big and uniform as possible. In the end I used a Boye  N 9.00mm hook for the coaster motifs and Boye H 5.00mm hook for everything else. After crocheting two flower coasters for each purse, I came up with a method for building the purse by crocheting the siding and strap. Then I sewed the lining inside, crocheted a short strap with a button hole on the center back motif, and sewed the button in the center front moti. Voila!

If anyone is interested, in the near future I will (attempt to) write a pattern for these cute little purses and share it, especially if it alright with Doni Speigle (since its a modification of their pattern).

This free pattern for Springtime Coasters can found on Doni Speigle’s Ravelry page. Thank you, Doni–I fulfilled a really tedious request and challenge with your help. I’ve never made coasters, pot holders, or things for the kitchen before but I’m glad I did something creative with it.

Because of the insane amount of time it took me to do these little purses, I’ve posted most of the pictures in this private post, including views of all the lining I had to sew in. (I didn’t want to have an endlessly scrolling post and I’d need to collage the pictures together to save space.)



This is the very first one I did


Pattern of the Week: Crochet Newborn Baby Booties by Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

img_20160613_2233494_rewindMy mom specifically wanted newborn baby booties for a coworker, which aren’t as easy to come by as I thought. After looking around a little, I would say most baby bootie crochet patterns are not for newborns unless you intentionally make them smaller…

I finally found this Crochet Newborn Baby Booties from  the same crafty I learned corner-to-corner crochet from and whose blog I’ve visited before, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me.

I used Red Heart in petal pink and I can’t remember what hook I used but I’m sure it was smaller than an H, which is what the pattern calls for. Added the ribbons and I was done! Fairly quick and fairly easy.

This free pattern for Crochet Newborn Baby Booties can be found on Sarah’s blog, Repeat Crafter Me. Thanks, Sarah! This is exactly what I needed.


Pattern of the Week: Cross-Over Long DC Fingerless Gloves by Rhelena

IMG_20160323_2323541_rewindI finished these for my mom. She asked for them because her hands get cold at work but she needs her fingers unencumbered. I was actually looking for a crochet pattern that has just the fingertips missing but that comes up at the base of the fingers. But this pattern taught me a new stitch and worked out just fine for my mom!

I used Red Heart: Warm Brown yarn and my Boyle G 4.25mm hook. The pattern says its for petite hands and my mom’s hands are medium/large-ish so I increased by a few chains at the beginning. I think I chained 30 or more instead of 24. It seems like the project worked up thicker to me. That’s actually my hands in the pictures, which are smaller than my mom’s. (I’m not exactly the ideal hand model! It took an ounce of bravery to post the picture since I’m very self-conscious about my hands.)

Shout out to Rhelena over at Crochet N’ Crafts for this stylish pattern. If you like the Cross Over Long Double Crochet Fingerless Gloves, please visit Rhelena’s blog for the pattern and have a look around.


Pattern of the Week: The Flower Power Valance

I cleared off my desk and finally decided to sit there with my laptop for activities such as writing this post. My mom creepily informed me that she was looking through the space on the side of my blinds and could see my laptop from outside one day. Why she was looking through my window, I can’t say. Whatever, I decided I wanted some protection before I sit over there again.

So I googled for crochet curtain patterns, free patterns of course. I wasn’t looking for flowers because I think my room looks like a kid’s playpen already but I really liked the one I found–the Flower Power Valance by Robin Sanchez.


My valance is worked in taupe and white by Bernat Baby Sport using a Boye H 5mm hook. I extended it two rows (three motifs on each side) by repeating the last two rows and I think it adds a too fancy touch to my small room. There’s a tutorial that I didn’t watch, which is probably why I had to spend time figuring out the half flower motif and wrongly assembled it the motifs at first? My bad? I used push pins to get the valance up there since I don’t have curtain rods. I love the colors displayed on Robin’s blog in her valance and I have a lot of bright yarns but I decided to use softer colors so I didn’t hurt my eyes or wonder whose house I was in every time I come in my room or wake up and look at the window everyday. I might add this curtain/valance by Dearest Debi underneath underneath it for extra protection that still allows light through.

This free pattern for the Flower Power Valance can be found on Robin Sanchez’s blog, Once Upon a Pink Moon. A little fancy for my little room but I feel peepers (I’m lookin’ at you, mom) being repelled by the power of my flowery valance already. Thanks, Robin!