Errata–Its Important, My Fellow Crafty

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I’ve noticed that craft magazines issue for “errata” corrections when they need to correct something that was misprinted in a pattern. Never thought I’d have such an intimate experience with this.

Neither the publishers of Designer Crochet: 32 Patterns to Elevate Your Style nor its author, Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (Shibaguyz Designz), noticed that the beautiful pattern on the cover of the book is misprinted.

Somebody had to have bought this book and noticed the cabling on the cowl neck sweater dress pattern is misprinted…right?


The book was published April 2015. I bought this book and surprised my friend and fellow crafty (pictured on the left, she owns Starving Artist SC) with it that December as a gift. I felt like the gift was ruined when the one pattern my friend wanted to crochet was obviously incorrect. She noticed that the cabling wasn’t right by the way the pattern was written. After she emailed them once or twice, Lark Crafts (the publishers) were slow to respond at first…

Really, really slow.

Obviously, correcting a misprint is a process. I bought this book for my friend in December 2015… The errata correction was not issued until July 2016, over half a year later.

Mistakes happen. The cowl neck sweater dress now has a correction and that’s good.