Crafty Spirit

Things have been pretty difficult for me recently. So I haven’t had a lot of time to do crafty stuff. 

I lost a loved one. I also had to resign from my job where I crocheted and knitted over 100 handmade. Continuing to work as literacy mentor to first graders, I crocheted unicorns for the girls and bears (the school mascot) for the boys. I wasn’t able to finish all of them but managed to give this bear to one of the boys who was going to a different school.

Falling short of my crafty expectations for myself and not being able to give these gifts to my students was hard. But I’ve had to take some time to take care of myself. Hopefully my enthusiasm for handmade will return soon and I can embrace it with open arms.

–The Ever Clever Miss Stitch


The Challenger Pinafore

I always used to scoff at schools that have symbolic objects to represent their school…until I worked at one.

So the school where I work is home of the Challengers. We have a space theme and our mascot is a rocket. When I’m at work, I have to carry a walkie talkie radio and sometimes the pants I wear don’t have pockets to clip it on. So I looked for an apron pattern I could crochet and put a Challenger theme on.

My friend challenged me to call it something other than an “apron” so I called it The Challenger Pinafore. Which is still off because I usually wear it like a purse, tied over my shoulder instead of an apron/pinafore.



I modified this pattern from the Granny’s Market Apron by Sara. The original and free pattern can be found on her blog, TangledHappy. com. If you’d like to express interest in my version of this pattern, please post in the comments section below. Unlike the original pattern, my patterns requires fabric and sewing, also cross stitch if you want to create name tag for your apron. This is the link to the rocket you see on my apron, the Pocket Rocket Badge by Emma Varnam. There aren’t very many rocket applique patterns out there but I modified this one to suit my needs.

The Principal of my school even ordered one from me! ^_^ That was flattering, she even wrote a thank you card and everything. As you can see, I made the back of hers blue instead of black. I also used Red Heart in blue instead of blue suede so its lighter than mine. The school chef suggested I make on in red and white and I think I will for second semester!


Crafty Winter Holiday Patterns (Free Ones!)

I came down with a sinus infection so I couldn’t finish all the winter holiday stuff I was making for the kids at school. However, I did make a list of all the awesome free patterns I came across!

Crochet Cane Hat


This pattern from Sarah at is exactly what I wanted in holiday hat. It comes in baby sizes, toddler/child, and teen/adult, I planned to do it in red/green, red/white, gold/white, and purple/white.

*Note: I finished three of these hats and all of them were too big for my kindergartners all the way to fifth grade kids even after I took out one of the increases and made it more like a beanie. The person who wrote the pattern admits that it isn’t tested and that she wants feedback; and there is some feedback in the comments section from crafters who tried the child and adult sizes and adjusted them through various methods. The pattern as is simply works too wide and deep so I’ll I have to do some more finagling to get the right size…


Mrs. Murdocks’s Mittens


Of course I want mittens to go with my hats and scarves! ^_^ (Still working on these. Have you made some yet?) Brought to us by Brenda Anderson over

Simple Striped Scarf

From Interweave

A scarf pattern from Interweave by Marcy that likely looked wonderful in red and white to get that classic candy cane look!

Holly and Mistletoe

From Little Treasures blog, Maya Kuzman

I thought this might make cute hair bands or shoe ties for boots. Not that we’re trying to attract kisses here! By Maya Kuzman Crochet and Crafts on her blog, Little Treasures.

Rudy the Reindeer Amigurumi

From Tales of Twisted Fibers

So adorable, brought to us for free by Serah at her blog, Tales of Twisted Fibers. I plan to make one for each of Santa’s reindeer.

San Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate


This is actually a pattern I picked for Valentine’s goodies for my kids at the school but it can easily be modified for a festive winter holiday theme.

I had to include more, for obvious reasons. So enjoy!

Christmas Lights



Pixie Elf Striped Hat

*Note: Newborn pattern size available for free but larger sizes must be purchased on Craftsy.


Crochet Santa Patterns |


October 7th–One Small Step, One Big Leap

TECMS Logo 10.4

I will be a vendor at a local craft fair here in Fresno. Basically, I’m offering everything I currently have in my Etsy store and whatever I can finish before the date.

So I’m nervous. I’ve never tabled before or been able to call myself as a “vendor”, so this will be a learning experience for me.  Part of me wants to stay under a rock. The other part gingerly accepts that exposure is important and people should know what I do as a crafty and a writer.

I’ve been focused on a potential new career path and haven’t been able to finish new items for my store or indulge my craft work. I also don’t have a ton of friends, connections, or family to promote me so I’ve felt invisible this whole time. Even with the steps I’ve taken to promote myself–creating social media accounts like this blog and Instagram, trying to stay on top of posting regularly, and keeping an eye out for other crafty who also do what I do and connect with them–it is exhausting and nothing ever seems like enough.

Loving what I do is important to me and I wonder if “business” is really for me. Never viewed myself as much of a businessperson. I am an artist and I try to stay passionately true to that.

But I promised myself The Ever Clever Miss Stitch would be a vendor at this event, that I would try it. So I will. This is a good opportunity to do so, even if its just for the experience.

In the grand scheme of things, this effort is probably be very small. But to me, it is a huge leap.



Pattern of the Week: My Little Pony Pattern by Knit One Awe Some

A HUGE thanks to the crafty over at Knit One Awe Some for their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical pattern. I’m not sure if the creator is active anymore or not, but regardless I want to always, always give credit for this pattern. But unless I’m needled for not giving credit every time, it goes without saying whenever I make an MLP style pony, its likely made from this pattern.

Every pony I’ve ever done comes from Knit One Awe Some. I even designed my crochet sheep off a modified version of this pattern. People love them.

This is the first I crocheted a few years ago. My skills have improved since then as you can see in my most recent work above and below ^_^;

I typically use Red Heart yarn and Caron Simply Soft (sometimes for the mane and tail).

The hook I typically use is a Boye H hook. Sometimes the stitches gape a little or look too spacey and I don’t notice until after assembly so it might be wise to use a small hook depending on the consistency of the yarn.

Agonizing over the face and attaching limbs and eyes just right is always a thing for me. I don’t like cutting felt and I still haven’t learned to use or be comfortable with applying puff paint.

I wrote the pattern I use for the eye pieces myself and they are sewed on. I cut felt for appliques/decoration like stars and hearts and use hot glue to apply them, along with rhinestones. Or I crochet the appliques and sew them on.

I may have to do a tutorial to explain how I do the mane and tail; there are two methods for the tail and I pretty much do the mane the same way every time.

This free pattern for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical can be found over Knit One Awesome, a blog for free knitting and crochet patterns. This pattern really is pretty awesome.

These are more examples of my ponies, old and new.

Errata–Its Important, My Fellow Crafty

CRAFTY LOVE FRIEND! ^__^ (holding the book) Support Ccaftys and Visit Shanay’s shop, Starving Artist SC!

I’ve noticed that craft magazines issue for “errata” corrections when they need to correct something that was misprinted in a pattern. Never thought I’d have such an intimate experience with this.

Neither the publishers of Designer Crochet: 32 Patterns to Elevate Your Style nor its author, Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (Shibaguyz Designz), noticed that the beautiful pattern on the cover of the book is misprinted.

Somebody had to have bought this book and noticed the cabling on the cowl neck sweater dress pattern is misprinted…right?


The book was published April 2015. I bought this book and surprised my friend and fellow crafty (pictured on the left, she owns Starving Artist SC) with it that December as a gift. I felt like the gift was ruined when the one pattern my friend wanted to crochet was obviously incorrect. She noticed that the cabling wasn’t right by the way the pattern was written. After she emailed them once or twice, Lark Crafts (the publishers) were slow to respond at first…

Really, really slow.

Obviously, correcting a misprint is a process. I bought this book for my friend in December 2015… The errata correction was not issued until July 2016, over half a year later.

Mistakes happen. The cowl neck sweater dress now has a correction and that’s good.

Who Names These Yarns?? -__-

Bernat Softee Chunky in a questionable ‘kimono’

My fellow crafty ordered this yarn and expected it to be more red because the color sample image she saw online wasn’t true to the yarn’s actual colors. But as it turns out this Bernat Softee Chunky in “kimono” actually mirrors a koi pond. It does not make me think of a kimono, which as a concept would be hard to capture because a kimono can come in just about any colors. Though kimonos can have koi print theme, this ombre yarn in no way summons the general thought of a kimono, which is why me and my friend think its strange, misnamed, and potentially appropriative. Which is what happens when brands make lose references to somebody else’s culture, in this instance Japanese culture. The colors of the yarn bring to mind many images of teal, green, aquamarine plant life and waters. The white, orange sometimes pinkish, and red colors a koi fish’s scales.

Names Bernat Could’ve Called This Yarn (by me and Shanay):

  • Koi
  • Ocean Sunset
  • Lily Pond Sunrise
  • Random Reference to Japanese Culture